Gunsmithing. Full service gunsmithing including accurizing, bluing, stock work, cleaning, repairs and restoration, as well as scope mounting and bore sighting. We also offer a full service custom shop specializing in building 1911’s from the ground up.

Insurance Appraisals. Your homeowners or tenant-owners insurance policies have theft limitations on coverage for your firearms. For full coverage protection, you will need to schedule your firearms by endorsement to your policy. We offer written appraisals for this as well as assisting in replacement values of your firearms should you suffer a loss. Charges vary depending on the information needed.

Goodlettsville Gun Shop's gun experts can clean, repair, or restore your firearm, offer insurance appraisals, or make you an offer to sell or trade us your gun--we even do consignment!

Customer Service is our number one priority!

Buy-Sell-Trade Estate sales or Consignments. We do buy guns and will make you an offer depending on the condition, buyer demand and other factors. If you want to trade in a gun for another gun, we will give you fair market value for your gun. We also accept consignments and will establish the price with you.

Transfers. We do accept the transfer of firearms you have purchased elsewhere, although we encourage you to check with us first to see if we can get the gun for you at the same or near the same price since there are transfer fee and shipping and handling charges. The charge for this is usually $30 which includes the $10 background check fee.

TN Handgun Carry Permit Classes. We offer some of the most affordable TN handgun carry permit classes in the state--they haven't changed in nearly 20 years. Our instructors are experienced, knowledgable, and have an impeccable track record of safety and success.

At Goodlettsville Gun Shop, our customers are our top priority, and we're proud to offer a wide range of services.